The Myth of Perfection in Online Business

Perfection is a concept that is often held up as a goal or ideal, but in the world of online business, it is important to recognize that perfection is not necessary or even attainable. In fact, striving for perfection can often hold us back and prevent us from making progress and achieving success. But what … Read more

The Benefits of Using Trade Republic to Invest in Stocks and ETFs

Low Fees One of the biggest benefits of using Trade Republic is its low fees. Unlike many traditional brokerages, Trade Republic charges just €1 per trade, no matter how much you invest. This means that you can invest in stocks and ETFs without worrying about high fees eating into your returns. User-Friendly App Another benefit … Read more

Trade Republic Now Live In 11 New Countries!

Trade Republic, the German investment app now officially expanded their reach as 11 new countries now have access to Trade Republic! The following countries have now access to Trade Republic and can therefore invest in ETFs, stocks, bonds, futures and warrants from their phone: Beglium Finland Ireland Portugal Greece Luxembourg Estonia Latvia Lithuania Slovenia Slovakia … Read more

Quwiex: New Zealand Police Started Investigation

Quwiex Investigation started by New Zealand Police

Just in: According to, New Zealand Police started investigating the Quwiex crypto scam. However, there seem to be some problems with the investigation due to something that in this day and age actually shouldn’t have happened. Company Information was False The information that was used to register the company in New Zealand allegedly was … Read more

Quwiex Offline: What Now?

Quwiex Global Logo on Green Background

Quwiex Is Not Available Anymore! Quwiex is not online anymore since 18.04.2022. The company seems to have disappeared without noticing investors. No new information has been disclosed so far. For the most recent information, please visit: Quwiex Offline: What Now? I’ll leave this post online for the time being, as a reference. Today a lot … Read more