How do I make money online without any experience?

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First, you have to know that there are a lot of ways to make money online. Before we dive into different ways on how to earn, you have to understand what makes money move in order to be successful in any business venture.

People have problems. They try to achieve a goal but don’t know how or are not able to to it themselves. That’s where you come into the picture. You can solve the problem and help those people to achieve their goal.

People want to achieve their goals. And a lot of them are okay with spending money to accomplish their goal. That’s how money moves.

Solve problems through services or products.

That means you can provide a service as a freelancer and get your clients online.

Or you could sell a product that helps people achieve their goal, for example regrow their hair or whatever really.

That’s also where affiliate marketing comes into play. In this case you don’t create a product or offer a service that you’ll fulfill yourself. Rather, you advertise someone else’s product or service and get paid if someone decides to buy.

Help established businesses solve their customer’s goals.

Then, there are established brands in the online space like YouTube, Twitch, X (formerly Twitter), Quora and so on. All of them offer revenue sharing. Usually these types of platforms generate money through advertising.

Revenue sharing means they are willing to share the money they make on renting their ad space with the people who help them to keep their users on their website. That’s you.

For example you could be a twitch streamer and play your favorite video game while chatting to your viewers. The longer they watch, the more ads they will see during that time.

The more ads are being shown, the more money is being spent by the advertisers, the more money you’ll get as a revenue share.

What goal is being solved here?

The platform’s goal is to show more ads to make more money.

The viewer’s goal is to alleviate their boredom. So the more entertaining you are, the longer they will stick around, the more ads they will see, the more money is being generated by the advertisers, the bigger your revenue share gets.

Quantity is king when trying to make money online

Here’s the biggie. In the online space, you can make more money by providing the same value to lots of people at the same time instead of just one person at a time. That drives your money making possibilities through the roof.

Now you really just have to find problems you’ll want to solve in order to make money.

Get more eyes on your content

The biggest challenge for you will be to get an audience. That’s because anyone could spend their time anywhere. So why should they spend it with you or your content?

To generate a large following, you’ll need to show up in your niche consistently. Become a known face. Or channel, or profile. The more people stumble across your profile or blog or YouTube channel or whatever it is, the more people will follow and see you more often from then on.

That means you’ll have to understand that online money is not made in a single day. You’ll have to build your presence. Over time, more people will stick around if you make it worth their while. That means if you solve their problems.

With that, I leave you be. Good luck!

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