70 referrals in a day! My message to ALL new members!

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2 minutes

Yesterday 70 people joined Wealthy Affiliate through my links for free.

And I have a message for all of you:

You’ll Get All the Help You Need Here!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very helpful community with more than 2 MILLION members from all over the world. There are members from everywhere

  • America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Etc.

That means you’ll get help here 24/7 and 95% of your questions are answered in less than 5 minutes.

Read Loes’ quick tutorial below that shows you more than 5 ways to get help in Wealthy Affiliate:

=> Learn Here Ways to ask questions at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Community Was Extremely Helpful to Me When I Got Started! (and still is)

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was a COMPLETE BEGINNER with these things.

I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing means and I didn’t know anyone personally who would make money online by doing it.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate community was extremely helpful for me because I saw here numerous real people who were making money with affiliate marketing online.

I realized that “If they can do it, I can do it.” And sure enough I made it.

Nowadays my message to you is, “If I can do it, You can do it.”

Stay active in the community and don’t be left alone!

I am with you on this journey and 2 million other members are.

Let’s do this!

It’s Your Time!

PS. Have you already read my 5 Tips for Beginners to Get Started in Wealthy Affiliate?

Go through that if you haven’t already.

PPS. If you have any questions about WA, you can always ask in the:

  • Live chat on the left
  • The discussion below the posts (Just add a question mark ” ? ” and click “I need help from the community after writing the question)
  • Through the Help Center
  • Private messages with me (for people who joined through my recommendation)

We’re here to help you!

You can try it!

Leave a question below!

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