Onewiex Scammed – Collapsed. Everything’s Gone

onewiex collapsed

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The notorious ponzi scheme Onewiex collapsed a few days ago, all socials and the website are gone. Onewiex deleted their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram accounts.

As I reported before, Onewiex seemed to be a reboot of the Quwiex scam that happened in 2021 in which I was invested myself and lost money. That’s why it was important to me to inform about the risks of Onewiex as soon as I heard about it.

A lot of people visited my initial review about Onewiex and I really hope that all of the people who read it didn’t invest in this scam. I’m happy for everyone that decided to let that one HYIP slide.

We don’t know how many fell victim to Onewiex and how much money they lost.

What we know is that according to SimilarWeb’s traffic analysis, most of the Onewiex traffic came from the Netherlands (20%), Saudi Arabia (17%), Croatia (17%), the US (15%) and France (12%).

I personally noted that lots of people from South Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria and other places visited my review article about Onewiex.

I really hope you dodged this bullet! All the best to you!


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