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Trade Republic’s online securities account at a glance: Detailed test of the online broker, trading options and fees for securities trading. In addition, the latest experiences, test reports and customer reviews from investors.

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Trade Republic Test Reports

The online broker Trade Republic from Berlin has been on the market since 2015. The Berlin-based start-up is one of the youngest foundations in the field of low-cost online brokers. The fintech company has been founded by Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri.

In terms of trading options, Trade Republic Bank GmbH offers its customers exclusively a mobile trading service. Investors can trade over 7,300 shares, 500 ETFs and 40,000 derivatives via the in-house trading app. However, the range of trading venues is minimalistic. Trade Republic customers can only place their orders on the Lang & Schwarz Exchange (LSX). Investors who want to trade derivatives can also only use one offering and trade products from HSBC only.

When it comes to securities trading fees, Trade Republic is one of the cheapest online brokers. Trade Republic does not charge any order commission. Investors only pay a third-party fee of one euro per trade at Trade Republic. Thus, the purchase of a DAX share via LSX costs only one euro, regardless of the order volume.

Trade Republic customers are currently unable to trade funds. Fund investors must therefore resort to other providers and should look out for a wide range of funds with no front-end load. Savings plans on ETFs can be set up at Trade Republic starting at savings amounts of 25 euros. Trade Republic customers can choose from a wide range of products. Currently, around 322 free ETFs are available for this purpose.

The online broker Trade Republic offers a favorable mobile offer for traders. The order fee is only one euro. The quasi fee-free trading is innovative. Investors who are satisfied with the minimalist trading offer with only one trading venue for stocks and derivatives can sometimes save a lot on transaction costs. On the other hand, investors who value a comprehensive trading offering and want to be free to decide which exchange is the most favorable for their order are not at the right place at Trade Republic.

Trade Republic – the broker at a glance

Berlin-based fintech Trade Republic launched in January 2019 after receiving its banking license. Trade Republic targets retail investors and aims to provide investors with an “intuitive” and mobile trading platform with the lowest possible costs. As a discount broker, Trade Republic competes with other online brokers such as Scalable Broker, justTRADE, DKB, Consorsbank or zero.

Trade Republic Reviews

Tests and awards

Trade Republic was awarded in the category “Newcomer” at the award “Fintech of the Year 2019”.

Insight into the Trade Republic depot

Get an insight into the Trade Republic app in this video.

Trade Republic Special Offer

Join Trade Republic to make your money work for you!
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Trade-Republic Depot – the trading service

Which securities can investors trade in the Trade Republic securities account? The following products can be traded at

Currencies/ Forex

The trading software: Trade Republic

What trading software does Trade Republic offer for trading? Trade Republic clients can only trade via the Trade Republic app. A desktop trading screen does not exist.

Trade Republic Login | Security Procedure

Investors can access the online login at the URL At Trade Republic, login and trading are protected with two-factor authentication in the form of an SMS and a PIN.

Trading channels at Trade Republic

Clients can place their orders at Trade Republic exclusively online in the app. Trading hours at LS Exchange range from 7:30 am to 11 pm. Deivate can be traded from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Trading: Orders at Trade Republic

What order options do Trade Republic customers have? The order types available to Trade Republic customers are market order, limit order and stop order. There are no other additional order types available to Trade Republic clients. As far as order validity is concerned, Trade Republic clients can choose between an order that is only valid for this day (valid for the day) and an order that is valid for the whole year.

Trading: Exchanges and order venues at Trade Republic

Investors can place orders with Trade Republic on the following trading venues:
Lang & Schwarz Exchange

Trade Republic clients can trade derivatives over-the-counter, through a cooperation with HSBC.

Trading on foreign exchanges is not possible at Trade Republic.

Real-time trading at Trade Republic

Trade Republic provides real-time quotes to its clients free of charge.

Trading of futures and options

Trading on the Eurex futures exchange is not possible at Trade Republic.

Trading CFDs

CFD trading is not possible at Trade Republic.

Forex trading at Trade Republic

Forex trading is currently not possible at Trade Republic.

Fund trading at Trade Republic

Trading of funds is not possible at Trade Republic.

Buy savings plans at Trade Republic

Trade Republic offers its clients the possibility to set up savings plans free of charge on 322 ETFs. In addition, there are the usual ETF product costs. The minimum investment amount is 25 euros. ETF savings plans can be executed at the following intervals: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Trade Republic does not offer fund savings plans, certificate savings plans and share savings plans.

Trade Republic Customer Service

Trade Republic address and other ways to contact us.

By mail, investors can contact Trade Republic at these addresses:

Postal address:
Trade Republic Bank GmbH
Kastanienallee 32
10435 Berlin

By email, Trade Republic can be reached at

Via chat in the app, customer service can be reached Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.
Investors can also find answers to common questions in a special FAQ list at

Trade Republic’s social media channels

On social media, Trade Republic has a Facebook presence, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel.


Training and Benefits for Trade Republic Clients

Trade Republic does not provide coaching or training services for investors.

Accounts, account opening and deposit protection at Trade Republic

Trade Republic account registration
Trade Republic account registration

Interested parties who wish to open an online securities account with Trade Republic complete the online application and then carry out a VideoIdent procedure. A legitimation procedure via Post-Ident is not possible at Trade Republic.

Who can open a securities account? Currently, clients with permanent and tax residence in the following european countries can open an account with Trade Republic:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

In addition, customers must have a valid identification document, a cell phone number and a bank account.

Trade Republic referral

Trade Republic does offer customers who refer new customers a referral program that grants the referer and the new customer a stock worth up to 200 euros.

Important forms

Forms for updating personal information, tax forms, etc. are provided by Trade Republic exclusively in the Trade Republic app. An overview of the terms and conditions as well as the list of prices and services are available at Trade Repulic on the homepage.

Deposit insurance/ Regulatory authority

How high is the deposit insurance for Trade Republic customers and which supervisory authority is Trade Republic subject to? The custody account for Trade Republic clients is maintained by solarisBank AG. Trade Republic Bank is subject to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The deposits of Trade Republic customers are secured up to an amount of 100,000 euros.

The fees of Trade Republic

General fees

free custody account/account management
Free order limits
Partial executions free of charge (for same-day execution)
Free of charge order cancellation
free dividend payments
no negative deposit interest rate

Fees for trading German shares

When trading German stocks, Trade Republic charges the following fees:

1 Euro for on-exchange orders
1 Euro for off-exchange orders

Trading on Xetra is not possible. Customers can only trade on the LS Exchange. Example: Online order DAX share in LS Exchange trading for 2,500 euros
1 euro

Example: Online order DAX share in XETRA trading over 2,500 Euro
No trading possible

Custody fees at Trade Republic

Trade Republic does not charge any custody fees.

Fees for trading foreign shares

Trading of foreign shares at Trade Republic is only possible via LS Exchange. For example, investors cannot buy shares directly on US exchanges such as NYSE or NASDAQ at Trade Republic.

Fees when trading funds

Trading of funds is not possible at Trade Republic.

Fees when trading ETF

1,00 Euro order commission for exchange trading
1,00 Euro basic commission for off-exchange trading

Fees for trading warrants, certificates and bonds

When trading warrants and certificates, Trade Republic charges the following fees:

1.00 Euro order commission for on-exchange trading
1,00 Euro basic commission for off-exchange trading

Fees for trading CFDs

Trading of CFDs is not possible at Trade Republic.

Trade Republic – annual tax certificate and income statement

It is not possible to send documents by mail.

Open a securities account with Trade Republic

Would you like to open a custody account with Trade Republic? Go to to access the online application form at Trade Republic.

Trade Republic Special Offer

Join Trade Republic to make your money work for you!
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