My Experience with Google Adsense so far

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As you maybe noticed, since yesterday MakeMoneyAndThrive also shows a few ads! Why is that? As this is a blog that strives to teach people how to really make money online in reliable and proven to work ways, I regularly share my own experiences. And recently I got approved for Google Adsense, hence — ads on the blog!

As you know, I mostly focus on helping people build a website or blog, optimize the SEO to get free traffic and then monetize the traffic through affiliate marketing.

As it takes some time to get your first sales with affiliate marketing, you might want to find an additional revenue stream in soon and displaying ads through your website is a great way to do so.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform from Google that gives website owners the possibility to display ads in their site and generate an income whenever someone clicks an ad.

How many blog posts should you have on your blog before you apply for Google Adsense?

When I applied for Google AdSense, I already had about 25-28 articles online ad I was already getting about 20-30 visitors a day. Existing traffic makes it easier to get accepted by Google as they are looking for websites that have regular traffic so that the people paying for ads get their money’s worth.

So I would advise you write and publish no less than 25 articles before you apply to make sure you’ll get accepted the first time around. You can always apply again, but I think it’s a nice feeling to get accepted the first time, when instead it can really get on your nerves when you apply and get rejected. So focus on publishing some high-quality content and apply afterwards.

How long did it take me to get accepted?

As I already said, I luckily was accepted directly on the first time. It only took about 2 days until I had a response from Google and they actually started inserting ads right away. (For that to work I have to say that I installed everything through the WordPress Plug-in “Google Sitekit” which makes the connection of all Google Services very easy.

So I followed the setup guide and therefore it all worked like a charm.

In the future I’ll also create a guide or tutorial on how to set up Google AdSense for yourself and link it here, so look out for new content on this blog! ????

How much money did I make on day 1?

Now, what I’m always curious is — how long does it take to actually make money from something? Well obviously, that depends on many factors. With Google AdSense you’ll make money whenever someone clicks an ad. Which is actually great because the person doesn’t have to actually buy anything in order for you to make money.

So on the first day I made 1.75€ which translates to about $1.89. That income was generated by two clicks on an ad, which really is a great value! And that was the first day, so not even full 24 hours.

After the second day I’m already above 2.50€ and I’m satisfied with the performance so far!

Keep in mind that this blog is relatively new, doesn’t have that much published content yet and gets only about 30 readers a day.

Now think about what happens when you have a few hundred published articles and a also a few hundred visitors a day!

What I‘ll change in my Ad Settings

I think even when displaying ads on a blog, it should still be a pleasant experience for the reader to enjoy your blog and get real value from it. And I’ve noticed that when clicking a link on the blog — maybe you want to read a new article — that you get a pop up ad. 

I think that can be quite annoying and I’d prefer to show such an ad not in a pop up but rather in a little less prominent way. So that’s definitely something that I’ll change. At the moment I’m figuring out how to do that!


So that’s been my first few days with Google AdSense! What are your questions about Google’s way to earn money from publishing ads on your site? Let me know in the comments! And if you have a friend that can benefit from this article, just share it with them! 

Until next time, keep publishing!

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