Why You Need Lots Of Posts (& What To Write About)

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As a new affiliate marketer or blogger, everyone starts out with a few posts and then comes to a point when it gets a little harder to find ideas what to write about.

So today I want to shed some light on the importance of the quantity of posts and where you can find ideas of what to write about.

Why it’s Important to Publish a High Quantity of Posts

So this is a lesson I learned first from Grant Cardone, and it changed my outlook on marketing and content creation completely! It’s not necessarily only about the quality of your content, as a lot more about the quantity of times someone finds your content. That means — more posts. A lot more posts. He says that he’d rather upload 100 30-second short format videos than upload one 50-minute long format video. Because it’s about quantity. 

It’s about the amount of findable content you published. Because every new piece of content is a new piece of content that can be found, a new piece of content that can be shown to more and more people.

Rise Above the Noise

That translates not only to YouTube videos but in a certain way also to blog posts

Of course your posts should strive to give value and give quality information, but that doesn’t mean that publishing one long well-researched high-quality post a month is enough. You’ll have to publish regular content, ideally every day, multiple times a day if you can. Still, you will need to publish much longer posts than you might think.

Why’s that? Because there’s so much noise on the internet, there’s so much content being produced and you have to rise above the noise. 

Quality, Quantity and Collaboration

There are may ways how to rise above the noise, largely quality, quantity and collaborating with others.

Quality means that it’s not enough to just post a lot, but you have to give value with every post. So that means, quality alone or quantity alone is worthless. Here’s an interesting data-driven article about the importance of quality blog posts and the question of how often you should post.

Quality content every now and then will likely take ages to be noticed. And a lot of content that gives no value will be overseen. So you need both to work efficiently.

And then there’s collaboration. That’s the fastest way to get noticed. If you don’t have a name yet, find those who do have a name, a following, fans, people who listen and get them to feature you on their platform!

How to Find Endless Ideas of What to Post About

We already talked in detail about the topic of niches. That’s your go-to direction that you’ll find your general topics. But to be a me to publish really an ocean of posts, you’ll have to cover everything about the topic there is to know.

So where do you find the questions that people ask without wasting time?

Easy, go to answerthepublic.com and type in your topic. You’ll now find just about everything there is to answer about your topic. And then — get to work.

What’s the Secret to a High Post Output?

It’s actually that easy: find what people what to know around the topic you want to inform people about, and then answer every single question. That should easily give you at least a hundred posts to write and thousands of social media pieces of you want. You should ideally post two to four times a week.

So the real secret here is actually being able to do the work for a prolonged timeframe. Stay consistent in publishing new content regularly, market it to the relevant audiences and choose to do more whenever you can.


It’s important that you give your audience as many access points to your content as possible, so create lots of articles. That way, when someone searches for information, you can be sure that they’ll find your content eventually. If possible, create social media content regularly (automate your social media content if you can) and as much of it as you can so that no matter where your audience is, they’ll find you and your content. That way you’ll become Omni-present. And in this stage of the internet, you can achieve that without any paid ads.

That’s it for today! What do you think about the topic? Let me know in the comments! And if you know someone who’s benefit from this article, just share it with them!

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2 responses to “Why You Need Lots Of Posts (& What To Write About)”

  1. Sariyah Avatar

    Hey great post!

    I enjoyed reading through it as it’s a question I have had in my mind for quite some time, I knew it’s importance but only to some extent. As I do struggle with coming up with new posts and ideas to write about, I am definitely going to check out answer the public!

    Thanks a bunch for the help around this subject!

    1. Sandro Avatar

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you liked the insights 😊 I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas. Another little trick you might want to check out is to read through your old posts and find sentences you can elaborate on, write a new comment about it and link it internally 😊 That way your readers have the possibility to dive deeper into the subject they’re interested in. Keep it up!

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