How to Make Money with Jeunesse Global

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How to Become a Jeunesse Global Distributor

If you are new in your Jeunesse Business or are interested in starting your business journey with Jeunesse Global you might have asked yourself „How do I even make money with Jeunesse Global?“. Or maybe you’re not new at all but didn’t have the right training yet or just have some questions that nobody answered in detail for you. In any case, this article is for you and it’s here to clarify some things about how to make money. We’ll go into detail about the ways you can make money with Jeunesse, when you’ll get paid, what you need in order to build a successful business and how to get . Let’s get started!

If you don’t yet know what Jeunesse is or have some questions about the company, read my review of Jeunesse Global here.

What Are The Different Ways To Earn Money With Jeunesse Global?

There are six ways in which you can make a profit from your Jeunesse Business. If we’d decide to group them however, there would be only 2 ways to earn money. And that is to either sell products or sponsor new business partners (who in turn will sell more products, so it really comes down to selling products…)

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Become a Jeunesse Global Distributor

As a Jeunesse Global Distributor, you’ll get up to 40% discount on all product purchases you make. Plus, you can build your own online business with Jeunesse’s complete done-for-you online shop.

Sell products in over 150 countries worldwide and gain attractive commissions with every sale! It’s easy to do so with Jeunesse Global’s promotional hub! Get all the images and videos you need to promote successfully!

Your Job is To Sell Products

As with any business, you need something of value that you can sell for a profit. Luckily, Jeunesse is active in multiple industries with top-notch products and they even take care of all the logistics for you, so that’s awesome.

That leaves you with only one job: Selling Products. So this is what you should generally put all your effort into. Everything else is taken care of, the branding, logistics, administration, web development, marketing material and everything else is done for you.

You need to take all of that and sell the products. Even creating a network of new distributors in the end comes down to this: More people who are selling more products.

If you don’t know what all 6 ways to earn money with Jeunesse are, you can look them up on the Jeunesse website.

When Will You Get Money And When Will You Not?

Maybe you’re thinking “Sure, I know that I’ll have to sell products, but how do I do that?” and we’ll get into that shortly. I just want to make sure it’s been understood that with any business, value has to be given (product) and received (money). That’s what it’s all about.

So that means, when you’re creating a big network of distributors but nobody buys or sells any products – guess what… you’ll never get going. So instead of concentrating on building a big network, focus on selling products first. Why is that?

Because when you’re selling products, you’re making money. Instantly, paid every week. You can show your success to other’s and also teach them how to do the same because you’re doing it yourself.

What Do You Need In Order To Build A Successful Jeunesse Business?

So now let’s have a look at what it actually takes to build a successful business with Jeunesse (or any other product or service-based business for that matter). It’s really not that hard so stay with me:

Get Clarity: What Do You Want To Achieve?

Getting clear about your objectives, your targets, is the first and most important thing because your whole communication will revolve around that. So think about your objective: What exactly do you want to achieve?

  • Do you want to get your first few clients?
  • Do you want to expand your client base?
  • Do you want your existing customers to buy more product?
  • Do you want to build business partners?

Depending on what your objective is, your communication will change. Because your communication directs your communication’s receiver’s actions.

New Jeunesse Distributors Or New Customers?

So, depending on where you’re at in your business, you might want to build your customer base or, if you’re already doing well in sales, you might want to build a team as leverage and to make good use of your time and build residual income.

You Need Leads

In any case: You’ll need leads. That’s the number one thing. So, the question might arise: What are leads? Notice that I’m not talking about ‘a lead’, but ‘leads’, as in ‘a lot of them’.

So that are leads? Leads are people who’re interested in what you have to offer. Sure, there are other definitions of leads, but that’s essentially it. Interested people will ultimately buy – whether they’ll buy from you is your responsibility.

Let Your Leads Reveal Themselves

People who’re interested in what you have to offer are out there, you just have to find them. Or rather – they just have to find you! That’s a key aspect of what I’m teaching.

You know, when I started out in network marketing, I had to find out that I knew nobody who’s interested in what I had to offer. Or maybe I knew them, but I didn’t know that they’d be interested. (Spoiler: Nobody I new was interested so I to let interested people find me)

So that’s the thing. I needed people to know what I have to offer first so that they could then reveal themselves to me! So, how does one do that?

How To Get Leads Through Online Methods

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to really get people to you who are already interested in what you have to offer! Because really – who has the time to do all the work themselves? In order to let the people find us, we’re going to use the magical tool called ‘The Internet’.

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Create A Blog In Your Preferred Niche

What you’ll want to do is to create a blog. That’s right. What kind of blog and on which platform is entirely up to you! Whether you’re creating a TikTok account, a YouTube channel, a classic website or something else really is marginal.

The important thing here is that you’ll create a platform on which people can discover your content.

So make sure that the blog you create can actually be found. That’s called “getting traffic” on the internet. Your blog/channel will be no use if it’s private or if nobody can find it. So that’s why I specifically like regular blogs (Websites) and YouTube.

Why is that? Because your content will be found through Google. And you’ll want to be found, so make sure that people can find you.

If you want to find out more about niches, read this post. If you don’t know where to start to build a blog, read this post.

Post Content Regularly Around Your Niche

So now that you created a platform, you’ll need to start publishing content around what it is that you’re selling. And please understand what I mean by that:

I don’t mean that you should advertise all the great facts about your products! I mean you should post content around your niche. For example, if you like skin care and you want to sell more Luminesce Serums, publish content around skin care and how stem cells play an important role in anti-aging.

If you want to sell Naära, talk about what kind of Collagen is best for skin elasticity. Talk about what makes you beautiful, talk about what you love about skin care, why you think it’s important.

Explain what premature aging means and why it’s important to take care of the issue.

Be A Helpful Resource To Others

So, essentially: Be a well of value. Help people understand more about the topic that they’re interested in.

Think about it this way: There are a lot of people who feel insecure because of their skin, weight or hair, among other things. They’re looking for a way to feel better in their skin. They’re looking for a way to understand how they can get rid of whatever it is that’s bothering them.

Your job is to be helpful. Your job is to not think about making the next sale for a while and instead, think about being a valuable part of society because you know something that those people don’t.

You know how to handle a lot of the problems that these people have. Sometimes that might include the usage of the products you sell – sometimes it won’t.

But that’s okay. Because you’re publishing content on your platform. People can come back, follow you and buy from you after they’ve gotten valuable insights and understood that you’re actually trying to help.

Why Your Platform Will Generate Money

The beautiful thing about your own platform is that you build a piece of digital real estate with your content on it. Like your own shop on a busy street corner – people will find it, come in, find some things that they like and buy them. And they can do it all day long, 24/7. When you’re sleeping, someone from the other side of the world might have a look at your Guide to Fresh Skin through the Power of Aloe Vera and buy a 3-pack of Alomun.

It’s your own money generating machine. Sure, it takes some time to get running, but once it does – you’re making regular sales without directly selling to anyone.

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How To Turn Leads Into Customers

So, let’s say you created your platform and you’re now publishing content regularly. People are starting to find your content through Google Search and they find your answers to their problems. They’re grateful. You might start to wonder: Where do I actually sell my products? So let’s have a look at that.

Feature Your Products Or Your Opportunity

Inside your posts, videos, Reels, TikToks (whatever you chose), you’ll want to start mentioning your products where applicable. It’s about being authentic. When you had a problem and a specific product helped you or someone you know solve it, then talk about it. And then provide a link to the product. People who’re interested in the product now have the possibility to buy it.

Turn Readers To Subscribers

Another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is that not everybody will buy immediately. Most people will need several encounters with your person, your content or your products before they’re interested and trust you enough that they’ll buy.

You don’t want to miss out on their purchase. Instead, you’ll want to keep in contact with them so that they’ll think of you when they’re ready to buy.

How do you do that? Through an email list that they can subscribe to. That way you can contact them anytime you have something interesting to talk about – maybe a discount, a summer sale, a giveaway or even a new blog post?

If you’re interested in learning how to create your email list, check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Stay In Touch With Your Subscribers

You’ll want to give people the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter after every post, just like you can see on this website at the end of the article. That way, you can stay in touch regularly and build a relationship through the emails or send them over to your social media channels.

Just be sure that you get their email information, because otherwise you’ll be missing out on a direct communication channel.

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How To Turn Leads Into Distributors

Obviously, your visitors can also be interested in making money as a Jeunesse Distributor. So you should consider adding a section on your website that talks about the real opportunity that everybody has on their fingers when they’re starting their business with Jeunesse.

Talk About The Value Of Your Opportunity

Find a place on your platform where you can talk about the value that you personally gained from your business opportunity. That doesn’t mean all the details on how your plan pays you – that’s not interesting yet. First, just talk about your personal experience.

Talk about what it does for you personally, financially, from a community standpoint. Let people know the value that it provides you so that they can decide to take a closer look if they choose to. Then, you’re ready for the next step.

Send Them To More Information About The Business

Keep in mind that you’re the trailer, not the whole movie. Let them know about what this business does for you, but don’t keep on rambling on for too long and try to explain everything by yourself. Instead, send them to a place where there’s more information.

If possible, ask them for their email address to have the possibility to contact them about the opportunity in the future. If they give you their email address, that means that they’re interested enough to know what this is about.

Inside the main page, use videos to make your visitors understand what the business can do for them, like this for example:

Answer Questions Up Front

Answer the most common questions directly inside your landing page, just to make sure that they know everything that’s relevant and so that your visitors can take an educated decision.

Here’s a screenshot of how I did that inside my landing page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep In Contact

Then, as I said in the beginning, be sure to follow up on those who didn’t sign up yet so that they’ll remember you when they’re ready to start.

For those people who signed up, be sure to welcome them into the team and connect them to your training system.

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Become a Jeunesse Global Distributor

As a Jeunesse Global Distributor, you’ll get up to 40% discount on all product purchases you make. Plus, you can build your own online business with Jeunesse’s complete done-for-you online shop.

Sell products in over 150 countries worldwide and gain attractive commissions with every sale! It’s easy to do so with Jeunesse Global’s promotional hub! Get all the images and videos you need to promote successfully!


I hope this article gave you some clarity in how you can use the internet as a modern business tool to achieve success with Jeunesse Global and your own business. You by no means have to be a social media influencer or even like being in front of the camera in order to grow your business. We talked about how your own platform will change everything for you, what to talk about, how to keep in contact with your readers to maximize your revenue over time and much more…

Do you have any questions about the topic? Let me know in the comments. And if you know someone who’d benefit from this article, simply share it with them.

If you want me to be your sponsor in Jeunesse Global, you can use my sign up link here to register your account. I’ll get in contact with you and we can create a plan of action for your business.

Until next time, keep winning!


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