Is Quwiex Licensed?

Quwiex Is Not Available Anymore!

Quwiex is not online anymore since 18.04.2022. The company seems to have disappeared without noticing investors. No new information has been disclosed so far. For the most recent information, please visit: Quwiex Offline: What Now?

I’ll leave this post online for the time being, as a reference.

UPDATE: Quwiex now has an official business license and is incorporated as QUWIEX GLOBAL INC. in the United States of America. Read all about it here.

There have been some questions about whether Quwiex is licensed to do business in the Crypto space. In a recent Zoom call (on 25. March 2022), George Bennet, the CEO of Quwiex has been asked about the license in New Zeland, that supposedly has to be issued by the FMA, the Financial Markets Authority.

After a discussion about the topic, George Bennet assured the attendants that he’ll take care of the doubts by presenting the license in the coming Zoom meeting on 31. March 2022.

He was relentless in insiting that they are an officially registered and licensed company and are eligible to do business in the crypto space.

What does the FMA say about Financial Services, such as Investment Opportunities?

Providing investment opportunities in cryptoassets

If you are providing investment opportunities in cryptoassets (e.g. via a derivatives issuer providing cryptoasset options or via a managed investment scheme investing in cryptoassets), you will be regulated in the same way as if you were providing investment opportunities in traditional assets or financial products.  If you intend to offer this type of product, we encourage you to seek legal advice early.  We are happy to speak to you and your advisers if you have specific queries.


That seems quite straightforward.

Given that Quwiex seems like a respectable company, let’s see what kind of license they’re going to present on 31. March 2022.

Read more about Quwiex here:

Official Quwiex Website

If you want to know more about Quwiex, visit their official website. You can sign up and invest crypto in deposits that provide daily profits of 1%-3% and release the principal investment after as few as 15 days.

At the time of publication of this article – the service still works. Profits are stable, withdrawals work without problems.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can register here.

Thanks for reading and stay put for new information! If you have any questions, be sure to reach out!

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